Start Your Commercial Remodeling Project in Charlotte, NC Off Right

Start Your Commercial Remodeling Project in Charlotte, NC Off Right

Hire Unified By Design to beautify your workspace

You and your employees deserve better than a dingy office. Revamp your workspace today with help from Unified By Design. We help business owners reimagine their spaces and create bright, lovely offices in the Charlotte, NC area. Whether you want a modern open design, a luxurious private office or something in-between, you can trust Unified By Design to handle the design and implementation.

Call 704-363-3703 right now to discuss your ideas with a remodeling contractor in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Commercial Remodeling

3 reasons to choose Unified By Design for your commercial renovation

Work with one of the best remodeling companies in the Queen City area. Choose Unified By Design because:

  • We’re experienced. Our president, Chris Havey, has more than 20 years of experience in the remodeling industry. Our operations director, Dan Gillespie, has more than 30 years in operations and an impeccable eye for detail. Plus, all of our site supervisors are veterans of the remodeling and home improvement industries.
  • We’re skilled. Over the past few decades, we’ve mastered our craft and learned to modify spaces on the fly. We can design entire buildings or make small adjustments as needed. Our full-finish facility allows us to reface and refinish cabinets and furniture easily and accurately, too.
  • We’re focused on you. Customer service is crucial to the success of Unified By Design. We use top-of the-line rendering technology to show you what your new commercial space will look like.

What are you waiting for? Get started on your commercial remodeling project today.